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Feniks Pellets produkcja - przygotowanie zrębki

Our company has extensive experience in the biomass market, dating back to 2003.

Fabryka pelletu drzewnego o nazwie “FENIKS PREMIUM” powstała w 2015 roku, a już w maju 2016 roku osiągnęła pełną moc produkcyjną. Znajduje się w Niemodlinie, w województwie opolskim.

As a manufacturer of Feniks Pellets, we take great care to provide our customers with products of excellent heating properties. In our operation we observe the highest standards, taking care of every production stage- from the raw material to the final product.

Our pellets are energy-efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.


Feniks Pellets produkcja

The entire production process takes place in 4 production halls with an area of over 2,000 square meters. This is also where the finished product warehouse is located.

Our factory is one of the most modern plants in Poland.

We comply with all product and environmental standards, we also observe the goals contained in our Sustainable Development Program and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The entire production process, starting from the receipt of sawdust, through the production cycle, to the finished pellets’ storage, is based on the EPC standards - recognized by the award of the EN PLUS A1 certificate. Thanks to the EN PLUS A1 quality certificate implementation we are able to control the entire production cycle on an ongoing basis, making sure that the final product meets high quality requirements.

Feniks Pellets produkcja

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Wood pellets

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Wood pellets

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Wood pellets

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Benefits of using certified high-quality pellets

High calorific value and low ash content make pellets not only an ecological product, but can completely replace the use of coal in central heating boilers.

The highest quality of Feniks Pellets has been confirmed, among others, by a certificate EN PLUS A1.

Highest quality

Our production process is based on EPC standards and has been confirmed by the EN PLUS A1 certificate.

High performance

High calorific value and low ash content. Pellets can now replace coal.

OZE Feniks Pellets
Feniks Pellets to odnawialne źródło energii

Nasza produkcja pelletu oparta jest na odnawialnych źródłach energii. Wykorzystujemy materiały pozostałe w procesie obróbki drewna ograniczając negatywny wpływ na środowisko.


Our customers recommend Feniks Pellets

The quality of Feniks pellets has exceeded my expectations. Not only do the pellets meet all environmental standards, but the product is also aesthetically packed. When you open the package, you can immediately see that it is a high-quality product. I will definitely use it again.
Jarosław from Jastrzębia Góra
Feniks Pellets customer since 2016
I must admit that I was quite skeptical about pellets, but I changed my mind after buying Feniks Pellets. It's a really amazing product. Less ash, more heat. Now I use pellets regularly and wouldn't trade it for any other fuel.
Marta from Wrocław
Feniks Pellets customer since 2020
Since using Feniks pellets, I have noticed a significant improvement in my boiler’s efficiency. High calorific value and clean combustion make heating more economical. Feniks pellets are the only pellets I care about.
Michał from Katowice
Feniks Pellets customer since 2021
Phoenix Pellets are my discovery! I have just used these pellets for the first time and I am impressed. It burns perfectly, without any problems, and at the same time there are no unpleasant odours. Now I am definitely going to recommend these pellets to everyone.
Katarzyna from Opole
Feniks Pellets customer since 2021
The quality of Feniks pellets is really impressive. I decided to buy Feniks pellets based on positive opinions and now I have joined the group of satisfied customers. I am sure I will be using this product for many years to come.
Łukasz from Poznań
Feniks Pellets customer since 2022