Producent pelletu drzewnego

Poli Trade Polska was founded in 2006. Our activities from the beginning of the company focused on the “biomass” industry. We have recognized that the use of biomass as a fuel is of great ecological importance in terms of reducing CO2 emissions. Burning biomass instead of coal contributes significantly to improving air quality. The renewable energy source and its rational use give hope for reducing low emissions in our country. For this to be possible, however, the support the state and greater awareness of the whole society are necessary.

The production of pellet in our factory gives us great satisfaction from the fact that we sell a product 100% ecological and derived from renewable energy sources. Our product – pellet – heats not only houses, but also schools, kindergartens, hospitals, monasteries, hotels, swimming pools, tenements and apartment blocks.

We sell our pellet both ready-made (15 kg bags) as well as we supply it with a specialized auto-silo for larger customers. The silo has 4 independent chambers (about 3.5 tons). Unloading takes place pneumatically directly to the tank in the boiler room or silo located outside the building. The advantage of this type of solution is the elimination of packaging (plastic bags) and convenience in the operation of the boiler room. With this solution it is practically maintenance free.
Our experience in pellet production allows us to maintain production continuity, repeatability of quality and timely delivery of orders.