Budmet recommends our pellets!

rekomendacja producenta kotłów na pellet - Piece Nocoń Budmet

P.W. BUDMET Dariusz Nocoń, Adam Nocoń, a manufacturer of central heating boilers, has over 35 years of experience and tradition in the production of heating boilers.

The company is passionate about modern and eco-friendly solutions, and that is why they use their best efforts to develop pellet boilers and constantly expand their product range with new models.

The boilers they produce are characterized by very low emission, which makes them environmentally friendly. It has been recognized by the award of “ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY SAFETY SIGN” Test Certificate issued by the Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology in Zabrze. 

The company has also been awarded a certificate confirming Class 5, i.e. the highest class of the boilers. This means that the boilers are both eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. 

Thanks to their approvals and certificates, the EKO PLUS and FOREST boilers are installed under the "Reduced Emission Programs", and their purchase can be co-financed by the Departments of Environmental Protection. 

BUDMET conducts its business with great care for the natural environment and environmental protection. Thanks to its commitment and strong motivation, the company has also received the CLEAN PRODUCTION CERTIFICATE in evidence of its professional approach to both the client and the surrounding environment.

The highest quality boilers work best with the highest quality pellets - this is the reason why our products are highly recommended! 


Rekomendacja dla pelletu Feniks pellets od Nocoń Budmet
Recommendation for Feniks Pellets from Nocoń Budmet