Producent pelletu drzewnego

FENIKS PREMIUM – wood pellet

For the production of FENIKS PREMIUM pellet our company uses only coniferous sawdust of the highest quality from one of the largest sawmills in Poland. Thanks to the technology of debarking wood in a sawmill, before further processing, we have 100% certainty that the quality of sawdust we use for pellet production is repeatable, has a trace ash content and guarantees that the pellet produced from it will be of the highest premium class. In addition, in order for our pellet to be of the highest quality, we maintain high standards imposed by the European Pellet Council (EPC) confirmed by an annual audit and full pelletutesting of the pellets produced in an accredited laboratory.

At each shift, the laboratory manager conducts pellet testing for moisture, fine fraction, mechanical strength, and bulk density. These parameters must comply with the relevant standard for wood class A1 pellets. Following these procedures gives us a guarantee that the customer will buy the highest quality pellet from us, and we are sure that he will meet his expectations.


The confirmation of the fact that we produce the highest quality pellets is having the EN PLUS A1 certificate No. 019 EN PLUS A1 certificate No. 019