Producent pelletu drzewnego

FENIKS PREMIUM – wood pellet

The “FENIKS PREMIUM” pellet factory began to be established in 2015 and reached full production capacity in May 2016. The factory is located in Niemodlin (Opole Voivodeship). The entire production, storage of wet sawdust and finished product is located in 4 halls with an area of 2000 square meters.

The production process, starting with the acceptance of wet sawdust through the production cycle and storage of finished pellet is based on EPC standards confirmed by the EN PLUS A1 certificate. The implementation of the EN PLUS A1 quality certificate allows us to control the entire production cycle on an ongoing basis so that the final product meets the high-quality requirements.

The quality of the pellet is monitored on an ongoing basis in a fully equipped laboratory by properly trained personnel (laboratory manager).

The pellet produced in our factory is intended for individual customers as well as for units using boilers with higher power.

The produced pellet is of diameter of 6 and 8 mm. It is packed in bags of 15 kg as well as big-bag packages (1 ton, 0.5 ton).

High calorific value and low ash content make pellet not only an ecological product, but it can completely replace the use of coal in central heating boilers.
Ash created during combustion can be used as a fertilizer, e.g. for lawns, flowers, etc. Approximately 3 kg of organic ash remains from one ton of burned pellet from our factory.

Thanks to modern pellet boilers that have an efficiency of over 91%, the cost of heating is comparable to hard coal boilers. Heating with pellet has many advantages: zero CO2 emissions, a small amount of ecological ash, no pollution, clean boiler rooms, low exhaust emissions, convenient storage. These advantages of pellet speak in its favour along with its ecological character